We avoid the temptation to take shortcuts when it comes to making gelato and sorbet. While a pre-packaged powder, mix or syrup may “taste just like the real thing,” our mission remains clear. Instead of competing on price or efficiency, we are compelled to serve an alternative, healthful treat made with the best ingredients money can buy.

Nocciola (Hazelnuts)
Also known as filberts, hazelnuts have been cultivated in southern Europe for centuries. As a matter of fact, in Italy Nocciola is the third most popular ice cream flavor. Our gelato is made exclusively with imported Italian “Nocciola di Piemonte, Tonda Gentile delle Langhe (IGP).” These nuts’ delicate, silky taste and aroma make our Nocciola gelato totally addictive. To compensate for the hazelnut’s elevated fat content, we use less cream in this recipe.

Few people are aware of Italian pistachios because precious little of the crop is exported. One particular Italian variety, “Pistachio di Bronte IGP,” is cultivated on the slopes of Mount Etna, an active volcano. The nut differs from the common pistachio; it has a longer shape and an intense flavor that cannot be imitated. As if to make matters a bit more complicated, the plant yields a crop only once every two years… so this is not a cheap or easy flavor to make. In fact, Pistachio di Bronte costs about five times the price of domestic Pistachios, but we believe there is simply no substitute.

Our products are made exclusively with organic, unrefined cane sugars. We strive to make our flavors balanced and not overly sweet, which can be a challenge. When judging sweetness, we aim for a clean aftertaste.

Our gelato is made with Fair Trade, organic Bourbon “Vanilla Planifilia” beans from Papua New Guinea. We use only the real bean “caviar,” which is scraped by hand from inside the pods—no vanilla extracts or pastes.

Our sorbets are made with fresh organic fruit, in season and sourced locally whenever possible. We do not use concentrates, flavorings, previously frozen or processed fruits or anything that is not simply whole, fresh fruit. We carefully juice all of the fruit ourselves, from  locally grown raspberries to organic Haitian mangoes.

Pitango sorbets are made with spring water that is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and filtered and UVAed.



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