Pitango Gelato is bucking the industry trend. We are control freaks who like to safeguard our product all the way from the cow to the consumer. We planted ourselves right next to the milk parlor of Pennsylvania’s Spring Wood Organic Farm—a pioneer in sustainable farming—so we can get our milk straight from its single herd of grass-fed cows. The same goes for the free-range eggs used in select gelato flavors on the same day they are laid.

Grass-Fed Milk
Pitango Gelato’s  dairy is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and is a Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PACO) dairy. The main reason we went through the investment and rigorous process of certification as an organic dairy is to be able to maintain control of our own milk. Most consumers are only familiar with processed milk. To us, there is a very substantial difference between milk of different origins. Having control of our main ingredient is key to the quality of our products.

“Grass-fed organic” means that our cows are healthy animals that roam freely on a pesticide-free pasture as nature and their biology intended. They are not fed GMO corn, hormones or antibiotics. They are not tied down. And although they only produce half the amount of milk of their “conventional” counterparts, their milk boasts a markedly different profile.

Every time milk is heated, its quality is compromised. Unlike other gelato producers that start with milk that has already been processed and pasteurized and then must be pasteurized again, we start with raw milk and pasteurize it only once as we prepare each batch. This gentle method preserves the milk’s integrity and the result is gelato that is loaded with flavor, natural sweetness and a unique texture. For city dwellers, our gelato might be the closest thing to fresh organic cow’s milk that they’ll ever taste.

Free-Range Eggs
Fresh egg yolks are still the best emulsifier nature has to offer and the only one we use. We crack and separate our farm-fresh eggs by hand to create Crema Gelato and other flavors. Spring Wood Organic Farm’s eggs are nothing like the ones you find in your local supermarket (where “Grade A” eggs may legally be a month old); their incredibly clean taste and bright yellow color are evident in some of our more delicate recipes. We use the eggs on the very same day they are laid.

The lucky hens at Spring Wood Organic Farm roam the pasture freely, but when duty calls they make their way to their  solar-powered hen houses, known as the “Egg- Mobiles.” The Egg Mobiles can be moved to different fields as the cows and hens trade off pastures. All in all, these hens enjoy the ideal lifestyle. They have the freedom to come and go as they please yet a spacious house full of modern amenities awaits at their beck and call.

Even hens can reduce their carbon footprint. The impeccably clean Egg Mobile is decked out with running water and solar-powered feeders, lights, egg-laying boxes and doors.

There is no substitute for a freshly laid free-range egg, which impart natural richness in some of Pitango’s classic gelato flavors. It is our belief that respecting nature in a sustainable way results in a radically different finished product.





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