What is Gelato?

Gelato simply means “frozen” in Italian. It is an all-inclusive term that loosely translates to ice cream but also includes anything from sorbet and yogurt to custards. In the U.S., gelato cannot be called ice cream because by legal definition ice cream must contain a minimum of ten percent milkfat; premium ice cream brands can contain twice that amount of fat. In contrast, gelato is made with only five to eight percent milkfat, making it a healthier alternative.

Gelato is churned differently than ice cream and contains less air. Despite its lower fat content, gelato boasts a creamy consistency and when done right is thick, dense and elastic. But what truly distinguishes gelato is its taste.

What is the Pitango Gelato difference?

Most gelato shops today lure consumers in with colorful, eye-candy displays that are designed to appeal to an impulse buyer. Made with mixes and powders and decorated with a garnish of fresh fruit, these confections bear little or no resemblance to authentic Italian gelato prepared with real fresh, wholesome ingredients. Even in Italy, gelato has fallen victim to less expensive and less labor-intensive shortcuts.

Pitango Gelato is bucking the industry trend. We are control freaks who like to safeguard our product all the way from the cow to the consumer. We planted ourselves right next to the milk parlor of Pennsylvania’s Spring Wood Organic Farm so we can get our milk straight from its single herd of grass-fed cows. The same goes for the free-range eggs used in select gelato flavors on the same day they are laid. Our products contain exceptional ingredients—from organic chocolate to premium Italian nuts to fresh-picked organic fruit. And we use no artificial colorings, flavorings, extracts or chemicals of any kind.

We serve our gelato from an Italian custom-made bancone that stores the gelato in individually sealed compartments. It provides a perfect temperature controls and eliminate flavor’s freezer burn. Cooled by energy retaining liquid, our bancone is also an energy-efficient solution, since it requires much less electricity than a standard display case.


We know our products cost a bit more than typical ice cream. Although we would love to sell our gelato for less, the higher cost of our ingredients dictates our prices. Most of our customers are happy to pay a small premium for a premium product.