What is Gelato?


Gelato simply means “frozen” in Italian. It is an all-inclusive term that loosely translates to ice cream but also includes anything from sorbet and yogurt to custards. In the U.S., gelato cannot be called ice cream because by legal definition ice cream must contain a minimum of ten percent milkfat; premium ice cream brands can contain twice that amount of fat. In contrast, gelato is made with only five to eight percent milkfat, making it a healthier alternative.

Gelato is churned differently than ice cream and contains less air. Despite its lower fat content, gelato boasts a creamy consistency and when done right is thick, dense and elastic. But what truly distinguishes gelato is its taste.

Pitango Gelato has revived traditional Italian ice cream-making methods to create pure, simple products in a sustainable way. We go to extremes to source the best ingredients on the planet, including organic grass-fed milk, cream, free-range eggs, raw cane sugar, fresh fruit and nuts and premium chocolates. And we use authentic Italian recipes to craft unique products of unparalleled quality and taste.

We avoid the temptation to take shortcuts when it comes to making gelato and sorbet. While a pre-packaged powder, mix or syrup may “taste just like the real thing,” our mission remains clear. Instead of competing on price or efficiency, we are compelled to serve an alternative, healthful treat made with the best ingredients money can buy. Pitango’s gelato and sorbets are free of artificial ingredients, colorings, flavorings and chemicals, and we also limit fat and sugar content.

Our loyal customers understand the difference in quality and price between imitators and the real thing, and we love to exceed their expectations.

We serve our gelato from an Italian custom-made bancone that stores the gelato in individually sealed compartments. It provides a perfect temperature controls and eliminate flavor’s freezer burn. Cooled by energy retaining liquid, our bancone is also an energy-efficient solution, since it requires much less electricity than a standard display case. Each shop serves a rotating menu of flavors. While selections change daily we always include tried-and-true classics along with some of our own signature creations.

Bananas are so ubiquitous that it’s easy to forget that they’re actually an exotic fruit. Although this flavor isn’t an Italian classic, Pitango’s rendition has developed a cult following. 100% Organic

Bacio, Italian for “kiss,” is the name of a classic chocolate confection made with milk chocolate, hazelnuts and dark chocolate. Our version is made with Gianduja, chocolate chips and Piemontese hazelnuts. Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P.

Inspired by this staple ingredient of Asian cuisine, we decided to go a bit exotic; toasted black sesame seeds impart this gelato with a rich, nutty flavor.

Ceylon black tea, with its crisp, citrus-like aroma, makes a gelato reminiscent of wonderful English-style sweet milk tea—only better. 100% Organic

We brew our espresso in the store, one shot at a time, to craft this classic flavor. You’ll definitely taste the difference.
FAIR TRADE. 100% Organic

Cardamom, a staple in Eastern cuisines, does amazing things when combined with our organic grass-fed milk. Starting with whole seeds, we blend the spice into the gelato to create an exotic and aromatic sensation.
100% Organic

Made with organic Venezuelan chocolate and couverture chocolate from Costa Rica, this flavor is the perfect elixir for serious chocoholics. Combines well with Crema or Vanilla. 100% Organic

A classic from the Piedmont region of Italy, Gianduja is pronounced “Jan-doo-yah.” But not matter how you say it, this blend of imported Piemontese hazelnuts and fine organic chocolate is completely irresistible. Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P.

We use a touch of cinnamon from Sumatra with our Fior di Latte gelato to create the ultimate comfort flavor.
100% Organic

Enjoy a taste of the tropics with our smooth and delicate Coconut gelato. It is made from organic Thai coconut milk, which is lower in fat and cholesterol than coconut cream, and laced with chips of bittersweet 70% Costa Rican chocolate.
100% organic

Crema is Italian Custard, a simple and elegant choice that’s both delicate and satisfying. Crema pairs well with robust or tart flavors.  100% Organic

Most Americans associate this cultured cream flavor with the taste and texture of a slightly tart cheesecake. Crème Fraîche makes for a wholesome and refreshing snack and, despite its name, it is relatively low in fat (about 4%). 100% Organic

“Flower of Milk” in Italian, this organic milk-and-cream gelato is pure and simple—but there’s nothing plain about it. Pairs remarkably well with any chocolate or nut flavors. 100% Organic

HAZELNUT (Nocciola)
In Italy, Nocciola is the number-three gelato flavor after chocolate and Crema. You’ll see why when you taste this silky treat bursting with the flavor of hazelnuts imported from Italy’s Piedmont region. Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P.

Have a moment of Zen with this gelato made with Japanese Matcha Green Tea. The flavor is intense and fruity with no bitter aftertaste. 100% Organic

This delicate flavor blends all-natural, unfiltered wildflower honey from our beekeeper in Lancaster, PA, with grass-fed, organic milk. It’s pure, unadulterated bliss. 100% Organic

When it comes to pistachios, there is one undisputed kind: Pistachio di Bronte. This tough little nut grown in Sicily in the foothills of the active Mount Etna volcano yields fruit only once in two years. We decided to fly it in because there is nothing that comes close to its incredible flavor. Slow Food

In Italy, almonds symbolize good fortune, love and fidelity. We import ours from Sicily, where they have been cultivated for centuries; the local variety is praised for its strong, sweet flavor. Guaranteed to bring good karma.

We use premium vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea and a very light custard to create this velvet-touch flavor that’s anything but plain. Fair Trade 100% Organic

An Italian classic, this blend of Fior di Latte and Costa Rican chocolate chips is a popular favorite among connoisseurs of all ages. 100% Organic

We source walnuts from the Italian region of Umbria because we can’t resist their exceptionally nutty flavor and distinct floral note. These nuts are what turns our walnut gelato from ordinary to sublime. 100% Organic



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