Gelato Flavors

Pitango specializes in classic, old style Italian gelato flavors, rather than playing up novelties or trends. We strive to create products that have a clean and balanced flavor, using organic local dairy products, eggs, sugar and chocolate. We see our product as a healthier alternative to industrial ice creams. All our fruit flavors are sorbets (with the exception of banana).  Our sorbets are vegan, non-dairy and non-fat and gluten-free.
We serve twenty flavors at any given time, so the entries on this list rotate daily at our retail shops.

Classic dairy flavors


Crema is a simple and elegant Italian custard made with grass-fed milk, free-range eggs and a hint of lemon zest (no cream). This “unflavored” gelato is often the flavor by which a gelato maker is judged for its quality of ingredients, taste and texture. For us, Crema is a flagship flavor that represents our entire approach, using simple but very high-end, quality ingredients to produce a clean, balanced and natural product.

Gianduja (chocolate hazelnut)

Made with Piedmont hazelnuts and organic chocolate according to a classic Turin recipe, this is an inimitable flavor that is rich and adictive.

Bacio (chocolate hazelnut with hazelnuts and chocolate chips)

Bacio is named after an iconic chocolate confection that combines milk chocolate, hazelnuts and couverture chocolate.

Chocolate with Chips

We use the best organic chocolates known to man in this rich flavor that also contains dark chocolate (coverture) chips. Enough said.

Caffè Espresso

We brew dozens of shots of espresso by hand for every batch of Caffè Espresso gelato we make. It’s the only way to achieve this quintessential flavor.

Stracciatella (Vanilla Chocolate Chip)

This classic recipe starts with sweet milk gelato (Fior di latte); during  production, melted couverture chocolate is folded into the cold gelato to create “free-form” chocolate chips.

Nocciola (Hazelnut)

Made with Piemonte Hazelnuts imported from Italy, specifically “Nocciola Tonda Gentile delle Langhe I.G.P.” These nuts are so precious that they have their own protective mark, and for a good reason; no other hazelnut in the world has this delicate and silky flavor that is so full of character.

Pistachio di Bronte

Few people are aware of Italian pistachios because precious little of the crop is exported. One particular Italian variety, Bronte or “Pistachio di Bronte IGP,” is cultivated on the slopes of Mount Etna, an active volcano. The nut has different characteristics than the common pistachio; it has a longer shape and an intense flavor that cannot be imitated. As if to make matters a bit more complicated, the Mt. Etna species yields a crop only once in two years… so this is not a cheap or easy flavor to make. As a mater of fact, these nuts cost about five times the price of California Pistachios, but we will not use anything else.


Although not a classic Italian flavor, our fresh organic Banana gelato has developed a cult following. A true standout in the world of fake banana flavoring, ours is made with pure organic fruit—no extracts or flavorings.

Black Tea

We make this unique flavor by steeping fragrant Black Ceylon tea in organic milk, figuring that if this flavor formed the foundation of the British empire and survived it can’t be all wrong.


Made with organic Thai coconut milk, this is a smooth comfort flavor.


We steep entire organic cinnamon sticks from Sumatra in our milk gelato to create a distinguished, warm and spicy flavor that pairs brilliantly with homemade pie.


We use organic Bourbon vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea, no extracts or short cuts—just the real vanilla caviar that you can see in the gelato. The base is a light custard so this “plain” vanilla tastes more like a cloud of crème brûlée.

Sicilian Almond

Made with unique almonds we import from Sicily, this flavor captures the essence of this unmistakable nut.


This Eastern spice has many uses in beverage and dessert preparations. We steep premium organic Cardamom pods in pure milk gelato, leaving behind a few of the black seeds in the mix, to create what many profess to be our most exotic flavor.

Créme Fraîche

Créme Fraîche is a cultured cream with a taste and texture that most Americans associate with cheesecake (think of fresh and slightly tart light cream). Though its name connotes a high fat content, we are able to achieve the same flavor and texture without excess fat by developing a special culture process. So despite its namesake, this is actually a low-fat gelato flavor containing less than 5% milk-fat.

The delicate tasting cultured milk on the way to become Créme Fraîche gelato.


Sorbet flavors

All our sorbets are vegan and contain no animal products.

Chocolate Noir

It’s all about the chocolate: dark, deep and complex. This marriage of Venezuelan cocoa and Costa Rican couverture chocolate creates an intense flavor that’s not too sweet or too bitter. It’s also rich in antioxidants, low in fat (less than six percent) and dairy free.

Spicy Chocolate

Think Juliette Binoche in the film Chocolat. While we can’t vouch for its aphrodisiac qualities, we can attest to the fact that a hint of red chili pepper is a perfect, if unexpected, complement to our Dark Chocolate sorbet.

Orange Dark Chocolate

We add a bit of freshly grated orange zest to our Chocolate Noir sorbet  for a uniquely fruity, “orange blossom” sensation.

Fruit sorbets

When it comes to sorbet, we source real, fresh fruit—and buy organic if it’s available. Because we use no extracts or concentrates, flavorings or colorings, we are completely dependent on the availability and quality of the fruit we are using for the flavor, look and consistency of our sorbets. Some of the following flavors are only available in season.


Fresh local apricots from Pennsylvania distinguish this deep, complex and tart flavor.

Bosc Pear

Made with perfectly ripe Bosc pears from a local Pennsylvania family orchard, this sorbet has a clean, intense flavor that only fresh-picked fruit can deliver.


Every once in a long while we find a cantaloupe that’s full of flavor. After tasting our cantaloupe sorbet, we think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.

Concord Grape

Concord grapes seem to pack all of the flavor and heat of the season inside them. This sorbet is meant to capture the essence of Indian summer.


There’s no better way to cool off or cleanse the palate than with this pure and simple sorbet—the quintessential Italian flavor. Made with fresh-squeezed organic Florida lemons.


Made with organic Ataulfo mangoes, this sorbet has a creamy texture and an intense tropical flavor.


We combine fresh-squeezed organic lime juice with plenty of fresh spearmint leaves and unrefined cane sugar in this refreshing sorbet. Made sans alcohol, it goes down just as smoothly as the Cuban highball.


We make this fun tropical flavor with organic Costa Rican Gold Pineapples. A perfect summertime classic.


The ultimate fall fruit, quince is strikingly fragrant and makes for a unique, sweet-tart sorbet. We use fresh, raw Pennsylvania quince in our recipe.


We found the perfect organic raspberries at New Morning Farm in Pennsylvania. Every portion of this refreshingly tangy sorbet contains almost a half-pint of freshly picked fruit.


Almost too good to be true, this sorbet is made from organic Pennsylvania rhubarb. It is sweet, tart and tangy. It pairs well with Crema, Vanilla and other sorbets.


We carefully select fresh strawberries ourselves to ensure peak texture and flavor. Grown on small independent farms, our berries create an authentic sorbet that’s full of fresh fruit.


The unmistakable flavor of fresh-squeezed organic Florida tangerines dominates this refreshing sorbet. Paired with Vanilla, it offers a new take on a classic American combination.

White Grapefruit

Made with fresh-squeezed organic Florida grapefruits, this refreshing flavor is so pure, you could eat it for breakfast. It’s a wonderful palate cleanser and combines surprisingly well with chocolate.