Hot Chocolate


Served during the cooler months, Pitango’s hot chocolate takes inspiration from the intense elixir served in the cafés of Torino, Italy (aka Turin), a northern city poised at the foot of the Italian Alps. To counter their cold winters, Torinese have long enjoyed a traditional hot chocolate ritual. While recipes vary, the consensus is that true sipping chocolate must be thick, intense and bittersweet.

IMG_9183While many use additives to thicken and flavor their hot chocolate, the diehards—including us—maintain that no such additives should be used. We keep our hot chocolate pure and simple, using the best cocoa—in generous quantities—to create our chocolate’s thick and rich consistency. This premium cocoa also delivers intense flavor that many customers find positively intoxicating.

Our hot chocolate is intended to be savored in small doses. You can enjoy it straight up, cut with frothy steamed milk, or with fresh whipped cream served on the side so you can decide whether the cream should go on top of the chocolate or the other way around.

Following is our menu of seasonal Hot Chocolate beverages.

Hot Italian Sipping Chocolate
This decadent chocolate treat is made with the same chocolate, milk, and sugar used in our handmade gelato, served straight up

Hot Chocolate
Pitango’s intense sipping chocolate blended with steamed milk for an American-style hot chocolate

Chocolate Affogato
Your choice of any scoop of gelato “drowned” in drinking chocolate

Here is a real kicker; equal parts sipping chocolate and espresso. It is a good way to start the morning, and a favorite of all-nighters and emergency crews

Hot sipping chocolate, espresso, and steamed milk


Hot Italian Sipping Chocolate To Go  
We bottle our hot sipping chocolate so you can savor it at home. This product is identical to the hot chocolate served in our shops. IMG_9174We bottle, deep-freeze and sell it frozen so it can enjoy a longer shelf life, lasting about 14 days after it’s thawed.

You can heat this chocolate a few ways. For best results, slowly heat it over an indirect flame. Do not heat the product in the bottle! Empty the bottle into a small pot and place the pot in a larger pot of water and warm it over medium heat. This method ensures that chocolate will not burn.

If you are in a hurry, you can use a microwave. Do not microwave the product in the bottle! Empty the bottle into a microwaveable container in such a way that the container is only half-full. Activate the oven and keep an attentive eye on the product; when the hot chocolate starts to rise, turn off the oven. Over-cooking hot chocolate in a microwave can result in a big mess, so make sure an attentive and alert adult is in charge.



We would love to liven up your party or special event with Pitango products.

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