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When it comes to coffee, our mission is to create an authentic Italian experience with a focus on quality and excellent service. Rather than importing coffee from Italy, we decided to tap a local roaster to guarantee the freshest product possible. We partnered with Counter Culture Coffee since they are as passionate about coffee as we are about gelato. We also selected Counter Culture because they share our commitment to equitability and sustainability and offer the best barista training program in the business. Pitango serves Counter Culture’s “Toscano” blend, which is reminiscent of the Caffè Dolce served in Tuscany. It’s called dolce, or “sweet,” because it’s less bitter than other blends. We love its deep, complex flavor and fruity and nutty notes. Pitango serves double shots of espresso, achieving precisely the right grind, pressure and temperature to create a work of art in every cup.

Whether consumed straight up, with steamed milk or as an affogato, every order is carefully made by a trained barista. The same grass-fed, organic milk that goes into Pitango’s gelato is also used in our espresso drinks. Customers can also request almond or soy milk in all of our shops.

All Pitango locations sell freshly roasted Counter Culture Coffee. Ask your barista about the seasonal and single-origin offerings.




We would love to liven up your party or special event with Pitango products.

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